Al Rawani Cake in her new dress

The Rawani cake in her new dress. This cake is very fragile, like a sponge, and soft, horribly tender with a touch of lemon and orange. Good evening, let’s see how we did it.

-3 eggs
-Half a cup of sugar
-Baking powder bag
-A cup of milk
-Half a cup of oil
-A cup of semolina + a large spoon
-Flour cup
-Zest of a small lemon (optional)

We beat eggs, sugar and vanilla for 8 minutes with the paddle on a high speed. After that, we start to lower the oil into a thin thread gradually, and we beat… After that, we stir in flour, semolina, lemon zest and baking together, and we drop half of them and half the amount of milk, we stir together, and we complete the rest of the flour and milk and stir them together.. The mixture will be light, pour it into an oiled tray and enter a preheated oven at 180 on the middle shelf, working from below for 30 minutes. The first time it comes out when it is hot, we prick it with a fork and pour it into a completely cold syrup, and here … you can grease it with jam from apricots, coconuts and pistachios.


-2 and a half cups of sugar
-2 and a half cups of boiling water
-Lemon slice
-Orange slice

We stir sugar and boiled water, and after the sugar melts, we put them on the fire with a slice of lemon and orange without stirring, and when it boils, we boil the fire for 7 minutes, close and wait for it to cool completely.

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