Chicken sandwich with toast

To prepare chickens
2 tablespoons of oil
400 gm small cubes chicken breast
1 large onion, chopped
1 bell pepper, small cubes
A teaspoon of salt or to taste
Half a teaspoon of coriander
A teaspoon of mixed spices or chicken spices
Half a teaspoon of paprika (optional)
A tablespoon of tomato paste

The rest of the ingredients:
Toast bread
Sliced ​​cheese
Cream cheese
Mozzarella cheese
All cheese in the ring is optional, according to your personal taste
To get clean chicken before cooking, so that you get rid of the strong and unpleasant smell that accompanies it, and also get rid of the blood and fats stuck to it, soak the chicken with water and white vinegar (or lemon), and keep the chicken soaked for at least (30) minutes, then wash the chicken Well, then start preparing and cooking chicken

The cup used in the recipe is a regular cup of tea with a capacity of 250 ml

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