Chocolate cubes with 3 ingredients! The easiest ornament

Chocolate cubes unsing 3 ingredients and without unsing the oven a really easy and quick dessert recipe, this the the beautiful outcome, very delicious and one of the easiest recipes.

Chocolate bar 220 grams
Ā½ cup whipping cream 115 grams
1 packet tea biscuits

To cover the dessert: 1 chocolate bar 220 grams

We need one chocolate bar weighing 220g, then add 1/2 cup whipping cream, put the on a double boiler, the water shouldn’t be boiling to hard underneath the chocolate to keep the heat low on it,the heat shouldn’t be too high, just enough to melt the chocolate.

Line the pan with baking sheet so you easily take it out and cut it then add the first layrr of plain biscuit, then add a layer of chocolate mixture on it, you can use any type of chocolate available as long as it’s for meltingĀ spread the chocolate on all the sides evenly then add another layer of biscuit repeat the same steps again, add a layer of chocolate sauce then a layer of biscuit.

Then keep it in the freezer for 15 minutes until it freezes a bit and easy to cut but don’t freeze it for too long so the consistency doesn’t change.

Now cut it slowly to form equal sized pieces.

The pecipe requires only a few ingredients so make sure the ingredients are really tasty so it turns out delicious that’s why use a good qualitu and delicious chocolate.

Now to coat the pieces, we need another bar of chocolate weighing 220g, melt it on a double boiler in the same way until it’s melted, then dunk the pieces in it, coat the pieces completely then transfer it to a cooling rack or baking sheet until the chocolate becomes firm again.

Now the recipe is done, it’s really simple and doesn’t take much time, and the result is very nice since it’s a very easy recipe you can make it with your kids as an activity before meal time.

If you have balance of melted chocolate, you can decorate the surface with thin or thick lines, it makes the dessert look nice

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