Crispy Potato quesadilla Cheese Potato Tacos Mashed Potato Quesadilla

The potato and cheese combination goes really well. The outside is wrapped in tortilla, so it’s crispy and delicious. Great for a breakfast or snack.

For 10 pieces
✤ Mashed potatoes
-360g potatoes (2 medium sized)
-8g Parmesan cheese
-Black pepper
-Stir-fried onion

✤ Stir-fried onion
-140g onion
-10g unsalted butter
-1tbsp of cooking oil (rice spoon)
-2 pinches of salt
-3g of chili pepper powder (0.5tbsp/rice spoon)
-4g Curry powder (0.7tbsp/rice spoon)
-2 tbsp of water (rice spoon)

✤ Sub Ingredients
-Tortilla 6 inches, 10 sheets (15cm)
– Mozzarella cheese
– Sriracha sauce or hot sauce
– Tomato pizza sauce

-Potatoes are the weight measured when they are raw potatoes.
-If you don’t have Parmesan cheese, substitute salt. (1 teaspoon)
-If you don’t have tomato sauce, you can substitute ketchup.
-If you are making it for children, you can omit the red pepper powder.
-I put red pepper powder and Sriracha sauce, but it’s not very spicy.
-It is also delicious if you put canned corn in mashed potatoes.

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