Mexican Chicken Tacos Recipe With Garlic Sauce Easy Way Best Chicken Tacos

You can feel the flavor of the taste by adding garlic sauce, The recipe is simple and delicious.

[2~3 servings/ 5 servings]
✤ Ingredients
-Chicken breast topping (see below)
-Garlic sauce (see below)
-6 inch tortillas, 5 sheets (or corn tortillas, taco shells)
-1 tomato
– lettuce

✤ Chicken breast topping
-280g, 2 Chicken breast
-3 tbsp chopped onion
-1 tbsp curry powder (or cumin powder)
-2 tbsp chili pepper powder (adjustable)
-1 tbsp chopped garlic
-3 tbsp tomato spaghetti sauce (or salsa sauce)
-0.5 tsp black pepper
-150ml of water (or chicken broth)

✤ Garlic sauce
-2 tbsp of mayonnaise
-3 tbsp plain yogurt (sweetened)
-0.5 tbsp honey mustard
-0.3 tbsp minced garlic
-1 tsp of lemon juice (vinegar available)
-1 tsp sugar or honey (adjustable)
-A little black pepper

-It is also recommended to sprinkle chili or sriracha sauce with garlic sauce.
-It’s better to add jalapeño with vegetables.

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