No Bake Swiss Roll Recipe

Today we will make bounty swiss rolls without using oven, it’s a very nice looking dessert and at the same time it’s not difficult to prepare and doesn’t need much time or effort, if you follow the exact ingredients, you will get moist coconut filling and the coating on the outside is consistent and is easy to roll.

2 biscuit packs 400 gm – 64 pieces
1 can of cream 170 grams
2-3 tablespoons of cocoa powder
3 tablespoons of liquid milk

Coconut layer:
2 cups coconut 175 gr
Ā¾ cup of sweetened condensed milk

First we need to prepare the chocolate coating, we need 2 packs of biscuits each weighs 200g so a total of 400g, crush them finely in the food processor and if not you can crush them by hand but make sure it’s crushed finely. I crushed half of the quantity first then added the second batch because they won’t fit at the same time, once they’re completely crushed add 2 to 3 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder, you can estimate based on the color, the add cream that weighs 170g, you use any type just make sure it’s the correct weigh, you can combine them by hand without using the food processor until they’re well-combined, it’snot going to hold together yet, we need to add milk, we need 3 tbsp. milk or until it’s consistent and can hold together when we squeeze it, it won’t look firm but once we press on it, it will become in this consistency, this is the consistency that we want, so that we can roll it easily, combine it together until it reaches this consistency, you can add more milk if you need.

Now let’s prepare the moist coconut filing using 2 ingredients only, we need 2 cups coconut shavings then add 3/4 cups sweetened condensed milk gradually and mix them togetherĀ until the it reaches a consistency of a dough that’s moist and soft, make sure to add it gradually so you can easily adjust, so you wouldn’t have to add more coconut shaving add the condensed milk gradually until it becomes moist and consistent if it’s too moist then it needs more coconut shavings and if it’s too dry it needs more condensed milk.

On a baking paper of plastic warp put the chocolate coating then put another baking sheet on top of it so you can roll it easily, roll the coating to all the sides using a rolling pin until it’s all in same thickness don’t make it too thick, it should be thin but at the same time keeping it’s consistency. Once it’s ready like this cut the sides so the shape becomes more consistent.

Then add the coconut filling, add it a bit by bit, not a big piece at once because it will ruin the chocolate coating, add a little a time and spread them together nicely without it ruining the coating underneath it, after adding all the quantity put back the baking sheet and press on it to make it look better without any inconsistent spaces just a light press, to make it look better once we roll it and cut it now it’s ready, all in the same thickness, by pressing lightly we also guarantee that everyting is in the same thickness start rolling it slowly, it’s very easy to roll especially on the baking sheet it doesn’t stick at all roll it a bit by bit and after each time press lightly to get rid of any air bubbles continue until it’s all rolled, press lightly while rolling it so it’s all in the same thickness and there aren’t any gaps inside it looks very nice and consistent once we cut it, then wrap it and keep it the freezer for an hour until becomes firm and cold, and is ready to be served it’s very delicious when cold, and it will be more firm when we freeze it and is rasier to cut, now it’s ready after 1 hour cut off the side then slice it, it looks very delicious and appetising.

Now the bounty swiss rolls are ready, serve them cold or in room temperature, both are delicious it looks very nice and impressive, and makes a big quantity tastes very delicious, if you like coconut and bounty chocolate, you will ready like this dessert

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