Smashed and crunchy zinger with ice water

Combed and crunchy nuggets with ice water, something like that, luxury.

-Half a kilo of chicken breasts, thick slices, lengthwise
-A cup of meh
-Flour cup
-Two tablespoons of starch
-An egg
-Hot sauce
-Salt and Pepper
-2 tablespoons as shata powder
-Hanging as paprika
-Ginger text
-Hanging r onion powder
-Hanging r Tom powder
-2 tablespoons of salt
-Text m r black pepper
-Big urine in the following

A cup of flour, an egg, starch, all the spices and hot sauce, stir them together and start dropping the water gradually until we find a texture that is less than the cake mixture, and we lower the chicken breasts and leave them for two hours from the refrigerator… After that we start preparing the covering mixture to cover.

-Flour cup
-Big hanging starch
-Quarter cup of hot guitar
-Mash it
-Sprinkle with onion powder and Tom powder
-Text of a small spoon of baking powder

We turn over all the above-mentioned needs with hatred, and begin to answer for the urine of chickens, the urine of covering, and the urine of frozen water, and the best of the following.

We take out the chicken from the mixture and drop it in the flour and then on the ice water and put it back in the flour again without pressing it, it turns over … and descends along in hot and abundant oil until it turns a golden color. It is better to look at a filter, not kitchen paper, so you prefer crispy and here.


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