Sweet and savory, sweetie, let’s say what we did in today’s episode

Sweet and savory, sweetie, let’s say what we did in today’s episode. We made a fake banana cake with chocolate, and it’s so soft, and we made the breasts with the tandoori seasoning, with vegetables sauteed with soybean, a masterpiece, and easy. Let’s see how we did it.

Tandoori Breasts:
-Half a kilo of sliced chicken breasts or a whole chicken
-A cup of yoghurt or yoghurt
-Small pinch cumin
-Small hanging coriander
-Quarter of a small spoon of cloves
-Text hanging small cinnamon
-One small spoon of crushed ginger.
-Small pinch garlic powder
-Big hanging paprika
-Small hanging shatta
-Small pinch turmeric
-Quarter of a small nutmeg
-Small pinch of salt
-Chopped coriander for garnish


We will season the breasts with all the ingredients above and rest them for an hour in the refrigerator and then roast them in a bowl or on the grill.

-Sauteed vegetables
-Red onion
-Boiled half potatoes
-Salt and Pepper
-Soy sauce
-Minced tom
-Olive oil


A bowl with oil, we drop the garlic for a minute, then we bring down onions and carrots and stir them for five minutes, then zucchini, potatoes, peppers, a sprinkle of curry and a simple cinnamon.
Chocolate cake.

-First stage
-2 eggs + vanilla
-Half a cup of sugar
-Half a cup of oil with butter
-Half a cup of milk
-Suspended as instant coffee
-2 bananas, flat and mashed


Hit all these ingredients together for 4 minutes, then put down the ingredients of the second stage, stir everything together, and enter a preheated oven at 180 for 35 minutes…and these are the ingredients of the second stage.

-Second stage
-A cup and a quarter of flour
-ΒΌ cup raw cocoa
-Pinch of salt
-Text m r disgusting
-Hanging as baking powder
-Text m r baking soda


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